KA Peer Review Approach

Should a Peer Review be commissioned it would be a detailed examination of the hydrogeological report contents, assumptions, descriptions and their clarity and validity, and reporting on whether there are any obvious flaws. ln addition it would highlight any issues or details omitted in the report and figures. The review will also take into consideration all relevant aspects as set out in the Environmental and Modelling Guidelines requirements, and check whether the consultant's report is compliant. All information would be supplied by the groundwater consultants and the modelling review will be based on results reported. Such information would include the draft report and any other associated graphs or additional material that could be useful for the review. ln most cases the consultant's report alone is sufficient. The report/material will be accepted at face value unless additional data or advice is requested to clarify specific items. There would be no model audit (i.e. detail examination of the model files, input, output results and the model structure) unless requested. Such an audit would require a much longer period of time and at a much greater cost.


Dr F. Kalf, KA Principal/Director, would be the sole reviewer and would prepare the review reports. He would provide an initial review in letter report form with comments and suggested corrections for the consultant's report. Consequently the modelling and assessment consultants may need to conduct additional model runs and/or model changes if deemed necessary, and then modify their report, if considered valid, in accordance with KA suggestions. There may be instances where there is disagreement with the reviewer, and in this case there should be reasons given. Following this, KA will check the response and then prepare a report of acceptance with some concluding comments otherwise further revisions might be required. The final report would summarise the hydrogeological conditions, findings of the modelling work and likely Conditions of Approval that may be required. The review would also include a model appraisal check list with a 'fit-for-purpose' item.