F.R.P Kalf

Paper presented at the Conference on Hydraulics in Civil Engineering
Melbourne, 12-14 October 1987

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The basic formulation and implementation of a three dimensional variably saturated model is presented which uses linear tetrahedral finite elements and the Galerkin finite element method. The model incorporates seepages faces; sources and sinks; non-Darcy flow; infiltration and evaporation boundaries and may be run under steady state or transient conditions. The model has been verified by comparison with some existing variably saturated numerical solutions and is applied to a horizontal borehole open cut mine pit dewatering problem. 


Kalf F. 1988. A Variably Saturated Finite Element Model For Three-Dimensional Seepage Face Problems. Ph D. Thesis. School of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of NSW. Sydney, Australia.

(Please note that I cannot supply the source code for this model).

A Model for Three Dimensional Seepage Face Problems